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Stable release
2015.1 / March 2015
Preview release
2016 / May 2015
Operating systemx64 editions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012; works on Windows XP and later (may be not supported); it is expected that GeoMedia will turn to be 64-bit application in near future

Intergraph's GeoMedia is a geographic information system (GIS)[1] application for working with and conducting analysis on geographic information as well as producing maps from that analysis. GeoMedia is used for: creating geographic data; managing geospatial databases; joining business data, location intelligence and geographic data together; creating hard and soft-copy maps; conduct analysis in 'real-time'; base platform for multiple applications, geographic data validation, publishing geospatial information and analysing mapped information.

The system does not rely on proprietary data, but rather accesses and uses data sources directly or data that adheres to open standards such as those defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium and others. It is an enterprise-based system, providing an organization the ability to access, conduct analysis and distribute information through the organization or over the Web.

GeoMedia includes the following Windows desktop software:

  • GeoMedia Viewer, a free application which allows for map display, simple analysis and output of GeoMedia GeoWorkspace data. It is intended as a distribution mechanism for data created using GeoMedia products;
  • GeoMedia is licensed under three functional tiers:[2]
    • GeoMedia Essentials, allows for dynamic, complex and ad hoc query and perform basic spatial analysis of vector geospatial data across various data sources as well as create layered maps;
    • GeoMedia Advantage, adds to the functionality of Essentials by adding terrain and grid functions which will allow for additional analysis on digital elevation models, flow analysis and contour line generation; or
    • GeoMedia Professional, includes added capability to collect features, linear referencing management, quality assurance and validation tools as well as database schema mapping and management.

Besides the desktop platform, there are also server-based GeoMedia products as well as GeoMedia products for various mobile devices to include smartphones and tablet computers. Optional extensions can be acquired separately to increase the functionality of GeoMedia.


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