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Geosafari is an educational toy company that markets technological educational toys, including the Geosafari Globe and the Phonics Lab.

The GeoSafari was an educational toy released in 1987 by the National Geographic Society, and later the Educational Insights company. It originally cost $99.95.[1] The system used two-sided, laminated cards that fit into the front of the machine. The center of the card had numbered elements that were the answers, and the sides of the card had a list of questions or prompts. The device would turn on a light next to a random question, and the user would type in the number of the answer element. After all the questions were answered, it would present a score. Card topics included history, geography, math, astronomy, zoology, anatomy, geology, science, foreign languages, reading, and various others. Several versions were released through the 1990s, but Educational Insights no longer produces the GeoSafari. In 1995, a version was made for the unsuccessful computer program Microsoft Bob. Players could buy packs from Educational Insights as well as play pre-made ones.