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A GeoTLD (geographic TLD) is a generic top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet using the name of or invoking an association with a geographical, geopolitical, ethnic, linguistic or cultural community.

As of 2014, several examples of geographic TLDs exist: .London,[1] enabling London businesses, organizations, and individuals to establish an online naming presence, .asia (for Asia), .quebec (for Quebec province), .cat which is a sponsored top-level domain intended to be used to highlight the Catalan language and culture. .eu is a country code top-level domain, since "EU" is a reserved country code for the European Union in ISO 3166-1.


Examples of proposed top-level domains in this category are:


On June 13, 2012 ICANN has revealed nearly 2,000 applications for new top-level domains, which are expected to go live throughout 2014 after thorough examination.[9]

Many of these are geographic, including:

  • .africa
  • .alsace
  • .amsterdam
  • .barcelona
  • .bayern
  • .bcn (for Barcelona)
  • .berlin
  • .brussels
  • .budapest
  • .bzh (for Brittany)
  • .catalonia
  • .corsica
  • .cymru (for Wales)
  • .doha
  • .durban
  • .hamburg
  • .helsinki
  • .istanbul
  • .koeln
  • .kyoto
  • .lat (for Latin America)
  • .london
  • .madrid
  • .melbourne
  • .miami
  • .moscow
  • .nagoya
  • .nyc (for New York City)
  • .osaka
  • .paris
  • .persiangulf
  • .quebec
  • .rio (for Rio de Janeiro)
  • .saarland
  • .scot
  • .stockholm
  • .sydney
  • .taipei
  • .thai
  • .tirol
  • .tokyo
  • .wien
  • .vlaanderen (for Flanders)
  • .yokohama
  • .zuerich
  • .zulu
  • .москва (for Moscow)
  • .рус (for Russia)
  • .ابوظبي (for Abu Dhabi)
  • .佛山 (for Foshan)
  • .广州 (for Guangzhou)
  • .深圳 (for Shenzhen)

Internationalized country codes[edit]

An internationalized country code is similar to a GeoTLD, with two differences: it is a domain used exclusively for a sovereign state. The other difference is that an internationalized country code is considered a ccTLD and not a GeoTLD. More free geographic ccTLD have been applied for and will be active in 2013.

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