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Geo Wyeth (born 1984) is a transgender mixed-race, black American [1] musician and performance artist known for soundscapes works that explore "the oddities of living in a body and the possibilities of transcending it". Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2017)[2][3]

Early life and education[edit]

Geo Wyeth was born in New York, New York in 1984[4] and grew up in Hell's Kitchen New York City.[5] He received a BA from Yale University.[6]


Wyeth's work combines installation, music and performance[7] in which handmade sets and unusual costumes join with absurd storytelling[8] in performances that break down the boundaries between the audience and the performer and create an experience of communal intimacy.[9]

Wyeth is cofounder of the art music collective PACK.[5]

Awards and Fellowships[edit]

Among the honors which Geo Wyeth has earned are:

Selected Performances[edit]

Wyeth has presented performances at art institutions including MoMA PS1, The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The New Museum, LA MoCA.[13]

Solo performances / projects:


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