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Geoagiu de Sus village
Geoagiu de Sus village
Location in Alba County
Location in Alba County
Stremț is located in Romania
Location in Romania
Coordinates: 46°13′N 23°38′E / 46.217°N 23.633°E / 46.217; 23.633Coordinates: 46°13′N 23°38′E / 46.217°N 23.633°E / 46.217; 23.633
Country Romania
CountyAlba County
 • Total68.57 km2 (26.48 sq mi)
Population (2002)[1]
 • Total2,822
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Stremț (Hungarian: Diód, Diódváralja; German: Nußschloss; Latin: Subalpestris) is a commune of Alba County, in the Apuseni Mountains of Western Transylvania, Romania.

With a population of 2,822 (according to the 2002 census), the commune is composed of four villages: Fața Pietrii, Geomal, Geoagiu de Sus, and Stremț. The current mayor, Ioan Sârbu, was elected in 2004.

In Romanian In Hungarian In German date first attested
Fața Pietrii Facapetri 1956
Geomal Diómál Nußdorf 1262
Geoagiu de Sus Felgyógy 1282
Stremț Diód or Diódváralja Nußschloss 1334

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