Geode (Firefox extension)

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Developer(s) Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Foundation
Last release
1.5 / October 7, 2008 (2008-10-07)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Geolocation
License Skyhook License
Website mozillalabs

Geode was a Firefox add-on that would locate a user's computer, which enabled personalized and localized content. When the extension was fully operational, a user who was looking for restaurants while they were out of town would have been able load up their favorite review site, as well as find suggestions nearby and plot directions there.

Pownce and Fire Eagle both connected the plugin to their services. Pownce used the plugin to attach location information to messages and made other contributions to the service. Fire Eagle used Geode as another way to gather and broker location information for its users and the services they used.

Geode has not been worked on since 2008, and Mozilla Labs has archived the project in an area of its website reserved for projects left to the wayside.

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