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Geoff Brown Holdings Ltd was a holding company established in the late 1990s for game development. The founder Geoff Brown started the company with the acquisition of Silicon Dreams, a video game developer that he had founded some years earlier which was later acquired by Eidos Interactive as part of the larger acquisition of US Gold.

Brown later also founded Audiomotion[1] a GBH company that supported game developers and the television and film industry with audio, video, CG and motion capture production services. GBH went on to acquire Attention To Detail before the group changed its name to Kaboom Group. A further acquisition of Kaboom was Pivotal Games.

Kaboom Group ceased trading in August 2003. Attention To Detail and Silicon Dreams were closed while Pivotal Games was acquired by SCi, by then the owners of Eidos Interactive. Pivotal closed its doors on August 22, 2008 while Audiomotion Studios has since moved to Oxford where the company continues serving the game and movie industries with motion capture services.