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Geoff Metcalf is an American author,[1] writer, and columnist. He was a nationally syndicated radio talk show host based in Washington, D.C. He was the Editor of [2] Currently, Metcalf is a broadcast consultant, and author.


Metcalf is a former Green Beret.[citation needed] He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army Reserves and has commanded a Special Forces Operational Detachment, and a Military Police Company in addition to various staff positions.[citation needed]

He was a columnist for the Sacramento Union and an editorial writer for the Evening Times in Rhode Island.

Metcalf also was program director and talk show host at WAAB, 1440, in Worcester, the early 1970s. He served as general manager of a small radio station (WBVD) in Beverly, MA in the early 1980s. In the mid-1980s he was President of Wade Advertising in Sacramento.

He has done considerable fill in and vacation talk show host work in numerous major markets (NYC, DC, Dallas, etc.).

Metcalf was a pioneer in the Internet explosion of the 90s,[dubious ] largely an accident of timing, geography and serendipty. He was part of the early development of and the first non-Joe Farah columnist. He wrote a weekly column for WorldNetDaily exclusively for over five years.

At the same time he became involved with Chris Ruddy and Dana Allen (co-founders of Metcalf helped host several live events in the Bay Area which featured Larry Nichols, Trooper Larry Patterson and other harsh Bill Clinton critics.

Metcalf was Master of Ceremonies for both WorldNetDaily and NewsMax events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C..

During Operation Iraqi Freedom Geoff was a military pundit and appeared on numerous radio and television programs (Fox & Friends, Bob Grant on WOR, Lionel, G. Gordon Liddy, Al Rantel on KABC, Mancow, Al Malmberg), and several Canadian and European stations.

Prior to national syndication, Metcalf was a radio talk show host for San Francisco radio station KSFO, as well as Sacramento Radio stations KSTE and KTKZ plus KPLA-770, a station licensed to Riverbank, California but serving Sacramento. From July 2000 to early 2002, Metcalf hosted an Internet-based talk show offered through the conservative website WorldNetDaily.[3]

He currently is an author and narrates audio books for He writes a weekly column for a number of online news websites, including NewsMax for which he is a pundit. [[4]


He is a recipient of the NRA Defender of Freedom Award, a Golden Microphone Award, and Eagle Forum's 'Media Person of the Year 2000.

Books by Geoff Metcalf[edit]

  • Will in Acquinistere (Amazon Shorts Best Seller)
  • The Terrorist Killers
  • In The Arena.
  • ArkDar/The Two That Are One
  • ArkDar/Genesis
  • Will

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