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Geoff Senior
Nationality British
Area(s) Artist
Notable works

Geoff Senior is a British artist, best known for his work in the comic book field in the 1980s, mainly for Marvel UK. Senior is perhaps best remembered for his art for the Marvel Transformers series.


Senior debuted on the British title drawing #42, and would become one of the title's most prolific and popular artists (always inking his own pencils), thanks to his geometric style, which perfectly suited the dynamics of the series. He would work on a number of other titles for Marvel UK, including Doctor Who Magazine (1988), Dragon's Claws (which he co-created with Simon Furman, and drew all ten issues of), Death's Head (another character he helped create, initially as a guest star for Transformers) and Action Force Weekly, as well as several Marvel UK annuals. He would follow Furman across to Marvel USA in 1989, drawing Transformers US #61 - he would draw four more issues before the title's cancellation, including the classic #75. He would draw several other titles in the early 1990s, including Hell's Angel (later renamed as Dark Angel) and several issues of What If...?, as well as returning to Transformers for the final few issues of Transformers Generation 2.

Since then, Senior has largely worked in advertising, though he has returned to Transformers on occasion - for the 1997 BotCon convention comic Reaching the Omega Point, two illustrations for the Transforce convention book Alignment, several covers for Titan Publishing's series of Transformers TPBs, and the cover of Issue 1 for Panini's 2003 UK title Transformers Armada.

The Senior/Furman team returned for the first issue of Titan Comics (UK) Transformers in August 2007, in which Senior produced the art for a new story based on the live-action movie characters and events (subsequently reprinted by IDW Publishing in the US).

From 2012 to 2014, Senior provided retailer-incentive variant covers for IDW's Transformers: Regeneration One comics, which continued the Marvel U.S. Transformers series, and was a contributing interior artist to Regeneration One #0.


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