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Geoff Shreeves is a reporter on Sky Sports.[1] He joined the channel in 1992, the first season of The Premier League. Shreeves went to Verulam School in St Albans.[2] He made his reporting debut in 1999 alongside Clare Tomlinson. He can now be seen reporting on the touch-line in Premier League matches live on Sky Sports. Shreeves can also be seen reporting for Fox Sports before Champions League games. Shreeves is also a regular presenter for The Debate on Sky Sports.

He appears in FIFA 13 onwards providing injury updates during played matches.[3][circular reference]

Immediately following Chelsea's victory over Barcelona in the 2012 UEFA Champions League semi-final, Shreeves memorably asked Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanović during a live interview: "Were you booked after the penalty?" Ivanović responded: "Yeah, I was". Shreeves then told him: "You know that means you're out of the final now?" Ivanović appeared confused and turned towards teammate Ashley Cole, who was standing to his right, while Shreeves continued: "Unfortunately it means you don't play in the final". The Guardian later described it as a "broadcasting outrage".[4]


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