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Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson.jpg
Born (1960-01-26) 26 January 1960 (age 61)
Coventry, England, UK
Period1989 - present
GenreFilm, Stage, Spirituality, Self-Help, Autobiography
SubjectPersonal development, Depression, Addiction
Notable worksWatch My Back
Notable awardsBAFTA for Best Short Film
SpouseSharon Thompson

Geoff Thompson (born 26 January 1960 in Coventry, England) is a BAFTA-winning writer,[1] film-maker, spiritual teacher, and martial artist. He has written prolifically in a wide range of genres, including books on spirituality, self-help, self defence, and martial arts, and scripts for film and stage.[2]


Early life[edit]

Geoff Thompson was born on 26 January 1960 in Coventry, United Kingdom.

Thompson had been a student of martial arts since a child and gained a high rank in Karate. His fear of violent confrontation despite being a highly ranked martial artist encouraged Geoff to become a night club bouncer in order to confront his fear. His experiences on the night club door, combined with a life-long desire to be a writer, led to him writing the manuscript of his first book Bouncer. Thompson says this was written on the toilet of the factory in Coventry where he worked as a floor sweeper, and he was encouraged by workmates to write down the bouncer stories he shared during lunch breaks.

Nightclub Bouncer and First Book (1980s)[edit]

Thompson left his factory job and became a full-time martial arts instructor, teaching martial arts during the day and working as a bouncer at night. He eventually found a publisher for his first book Bouncer (later re-published as Watch My Back), and shortly afterwards quit working as a bouncer - partly due to his notoriety since publishing his book - to focus on martial arts and writing.

World Renowned Martial Artist (1990s)[edit]

Thompson became a world renowned martial artist specialising in 'reality' martial arts and self defence, based on his experience at the night club door, and co-founded the British Combat Association with Peter Considine. Geoff became famous as a self defence instructor and in particular for his concept of "The Wall". He taught seminars in the US for Chuck Norris.

Film Writing and Winning a BAFTA[edit]

Thompson began writing for film with his script for the short film Bouncer in 2003, which went on to star Ray Winstone and was nominated for a BAFTA award. He went on to write the script for a short film Brown Paper Bag, inspired by his own brother's problems with alcoholism that eventually led to his death, and this won Thompson a BAFTA award in 2004 for Best Short Film.[3]

Geoff went on to write the film script for the feature film Clubbed (2008), based on his autobiography Watch My Back, starring Colin Salmon.[4]

He wrote the screenplay for the feature film The Pyramid Texts (2015), starring James Cosmo.[5] Thompson made his directorial debut in 2015 with the short film The 20 Minute Film Pitch.[6]

His work Romans 12:20, directed by the Shammasian Brothers and starring Craig Conway, (2008), has been adapted into a feature film, Romans (2017), starring Orlando Bloom.

Writing for Stage[edit]

Thompson has written successfully for stage, including the play Fragile which is semi-autobiographical and showed in Coventry.

Spiritual Teacher, Podcast, TED talk[edit]

Alongside writing, for many years Thompson was a spiritual teacher and coach, drawing upon his own experiences as a martial artist and of personal problems that he had contended with, which inspired his self-help books.

Thompson produced a popular podcast on spiritual guidance and self-help for a number of years, and in 2016 he presented a TED talk entitled Conquering Fear.

Recent Years[edit]

In 2020 he released an autobiography, Notes from a Factory Floor and the spiritual self-help text The Divine CEO.


Feature Films[edit]

Short Films[edit]

  • Bouncer (2002) – Writer, starring Ray Winstone. BAFTA nominated.[10]
  • Brown Paper Bag (2003) - Writer, starring Ronnie Fox. BAFTA winning.[11]
  • Romans 12:20 (2008) – Writer[12]
  • Pink (2009) – Writer[13]
  • Counting Backwards (2014) – Writer[14]
  • The 20 Minute Film Pitch (2015) – Writer and Director[15]
  • Shadow (2017) – Writer[16]



  • Notes from a Factory Floor (2020), Urbane Publications, ISBN 978-1912666713
  • Watch My Back (2004), Summersdale, ISBN 978-1840247169[17] Originally published as "Bouncer" in two parts c. 1989.

Self-help / Spirituality[edit]



Martial Arts and Self-Defence[edit]

Martial Arts[edit]

Thompson began his martial arts training in the Eastern arts including karate, aikido and kung-fu. However, during his time as a nightclub doorman, he found that what he had learned was inadequate for the reality of violence. Thompson came to realise that the techniques encouraged and practiced in touch-contact and semi-contact martial arts were not always suitable for self-defence. Though he utilises a small core of these techniques as part of his teachings, Thompson prefers full-contact martial arts and combat sports such as boxing, Muay Thai, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Greco-Roman- and freestyle wrestling.

He holds the ABA Boxing Instructor certificate and high-level coaching awards for wrestling,[52] a 1st Dan in Judo (1997) under world champion Neil Adams,[53] and an 8th dan in Shotokan Karate.[54] Geoff is a Joint Chief Instructor of the British Combat Association.[55]

Geoff Thompson was also the first instructor to name and extensively teach "the fence", a technique in real-life defence involving keeping your hands in front of you in a non-threatening manner so as to protect yourself in case a situation escalates but without provoking violence.

In the 1990s, Thompson wrote and presented a wide range of martial arts and self-defence DVDs. In 1995, he and his self-defence school featured in the Channel 4 documentary Passengers.

Martial arts instructional DVDs[edit]

  • The Escapes (2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B0007NLRT8[56]
  • Ground Fighting – Chokes and Strangles (2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B0007NLRU2[57]
  • Pins – The Bedrock (2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B0007NLRSY[58]
  • The Pavement Arena Part One (2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B0007NLRWA,[59]
  • The Pavement Arena Part Two – The Protection Pyramid (2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B01I05LPZ0[60]
  • The Pavement Arena Part Three – Grappling, The Last Resort(2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B0007NLRWU[61]
  • The Pavement Arena Part Four; Fit to Fight (2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B0007NLRX4,[62]
  • Real Punching: The One Punch Kill (2005), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B0007NLRS4[63]
  • The Ultimate Self Defence Seminar (2006), Summersdale Productions, ASIN: B000CR6X5C[64]


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