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Jewdas logo.jpg
Founded 18 March 2006
Focus political, cultural and artistic activities
  • London, United Kingdom
Website Official website

Jewdas is a Jewish diaspora group based in London. It describes itself as "radical" and is described by The Jewish Chronicle as a "Jewish diaspora group, known for its far-left anti-Zionism."[1] It has a satirical-communal website and stages events in London and elsewhere.


It is a Jewish organisation engaged in political, cultural and artistic activities.[citation needed] Representatives of the organization use the collective pseudonym Geoffrey Cohen in speaking to the media.[2]


It gathered controversy for organising called "The Protocols of the Elders of Hackney" (a reference to the antisemitic hoax The Protocols of the Elders of Zion), with a flyer parodying traditional antisemitic images. Four members of the group were arrested.[3]

In October 2011, Jewdas hosted ¡No Pasaran!, a party commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street.[4][5]

In May 2015, the group brought over thirty people on its inaugural Birthwrong trip to Andalusia, Spain.[6] Advertised as "a trip for anyone who's sick of Israel's stranglehold on Jewish culture and wants to get away on a raucous holiday", the itinerary included: "See Maimonides! Get pissed! Do some Jewish tourism! Spend Shabbat with Andalusian Jews! Shvitz in a hammam! Visit a communist village! Get pissed!"[6][7] Attendees reflected on the trip in articles[8][9] and a short film.[10]

During the summer of 2015 Jewdas took place in two counter-protests against neo-nazi demonstrations in North London.[11]

In January 2016, Jewdas took part in a counter-protest against a far-right rally against Syrian refugees arriving in Dover.[12]

At the beginning of April 2018, the United Kingdom's leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn attended a Passover Seder held by the group. He said the visit was made in a personal, rather than official, capacity.[13] That the group's Twitter account called Israel “a steaming pile of sewage which needs to be properly disposed of”, Jon Lansman, the founder of the pro-Corbyn organization Momentum and himself Jewish, said on BBC Radio 4: "It's certainly not helpful to Jeremy or the cause of opposing antisemitism in the Labour Party as it happens".[14][13]


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