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Geoffrey Piers Henry Dutton AO (2 August 1922 – 17 September 1998) was an Australian author and historian.


Dutton was born into a prominent pastoralist family of Anlaby Station near Kapunda, South Australia in 1922. His grandfather was Henry Dutton, the "Squire of Anlaby"; his parents were adventurer Henry Hampden Dutton and talented socialite Emily Dutton. For his relationship to these and other people prominent in the history of South Australia see Dutton family of South Australia.

He studied at the University of Adelaide, where he wrote for the student newspaper On Dit and avant-garde magazine Angry Penguins. He later studied at Magdalen College, Oxford. During his career, Dutton wrote or edited over 200 books, including poetry, fiction, biographies, art appreciation, art and literary history, travel books, novels for children and critical essays.

In 1965, together with Max Harris and Brian Stonier, he co-founded the Australian paperback publishing company Sun Books.[1]

He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in 1976,[2] and died in 1998.

Awards and nominations[edit]



  • The Mortal and the Marble (1950)
  • Andy (1968)
  • Tamara (1970)
  • Queen Emma of the South Seas (1976)
  • The Eye Opener (1982)
  • Flying Low: A Novel (1992)

Short stories[edit]

  • The Españo


  • Night Flight and Sunrise (1944)
  • Antipodes in Shoes (1958)
  • Flowers and Fury: Poems (1962)
  • On My Island: Poems (1967)
  • Poems Soft and Loud (1967)
  • Findings and Keepings: Selected Poems, 1939-1969 (1970)
  • North West: Fifteen Poems from the Pilbara and Kimberley (1971?)
  • New Poems to 1972 (1972)
  • A Body of Words (1977)
  • Selective Affinities: New Poems (1985)
  • New and Selected Poems (1993)
  • New York Nowhere (1998)


  • Tisi and the Yabby (1965)
  • Seal Bay (1966)
  • Tisi and the Pageant (1968)
  • The Prowler (1982)


  • A Long Way South (1953)
  • Founder of a City: The Life of Colonel William Light, First Surveyor-General of the Colony of South Australia: Founder of Adelaide 1786-1839 (1960)
  • Patrick White (1961)
  • Australia and the Monarchy, Sun Books, Melbourne (1966)
  • Edward John Eyre: The Hero as Murderer, Collins, Sydney (1967); reprint, Penguin Books, Melbourne (1977)
  • In Search of Edward John Eyre, MacMillan, Melbourne (1982)
  • Snow on the Saltbush: The Australian Literary Experience (1984)
  • The Squatters: Currey O'Neil, South Yarra, Vic (1985) The author's life at Anlaby Station
  • The Beach: Sun, Sea, Surf and Sand - The Myth of (1985)
  • The Innovators: The Sydney Alternatives in the Rise of Modern Art, Literature and Ideas (1986)
  • Kenneth Slessor: A Biography (1991)
  • Out in the Open: An Autobiography (1994)
  • A Rare Bird: Penguin Books in Australia 1946-96 (1996)


  • Australia's Censorship Crisis, Sun Books, Melbourne (1970) - with Max Harris
  • Australian Verse from 1805 : A Continuum (1976)
  • Republican Australia?, Sun Books, Melbourne (1977) ISBN 0-7251-0261-6
  • Seven Cities of Australia (1978)
  • Sir Henry, Bjelke, Don Baby and Friends, Sun Books, Melbourne, (1971) - with Max Harris
  • The Vital Decade: Ten Years of Australian Art and Letters, Sun Books, Melbourne (1968) - with Max Harris
  • The Australian Bedside Book: A Selection of Writings from The Australian Literary Supplement, Macmillan, Melbourne (1987) - preface by Morris West; contributors include Elizabeth Jolley, Dianne Highbridge, Les A. Murray, Tim Winton, Kate Grenville.


  • The Wakefield Companion to South Australian History
  • The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature
  • Who's Who in Australia 1999

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