Geoffrey Maloney

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Geoffrey Maloney
Nationality Australian
Genre Speculative fiction short fiction
Notable awards Aurealis Award
Best fantasy short story
2000 "The World According to Kipling (A Plain Tale from the Hills)"

Geoffrey Maloney is an Australian writer of speculative short fiction.


Maloney's first story, "5 Cigarettes and 2 Snakes", was published in 1990 in Aurealis No. 1.[1] In 1997 Maloney's "The Embargo Traders" was nominated for Aurealis Award for best science fiction short story.[2] Along with Maxine McArthur and others, he helped set up the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild in 1999. This produced the anthology Nor of Human... An Anthology of Fantastic Creatures with Maloney as the editor.[3] In 2001 he won the 2000 Aurealis Award for best fantasy short story for "The World According to Kipling (A Plain Tale from the Hills)".[4] Maloney has since received four other nominations at the Aurealis Awards and two at the Ditmar Awards.[5]

He currently lives in Brisbane with his wife and three children.[3]





  • Speculative Fiction Reaches Critical Mass in Canberra? Surely Not! (2001)
  • Notes on Authors (Nor of Human... An Anthology of Fantastic Creatures) (2001)

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Aurealis Awards[5]

Ditmar Awards[5]


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