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Geoffrey Michael Brooks (born 16 February 1944, Olney, Buckinghamshire) is a writer and translator.[1] In 1960 he was awarded the ICHS School Prize in Languages.[clarification needed]

He was educated at Ilford County High School, Ilford, Essex. He has travelled throughout the world, lives with his family in Argentina and now works as a freelance translator from German and Spanish. His first book, Hitler's Nuclear Weapons, was published in the United States by Leo Cooper in 1992. This was followed by Hirschfeld - The Secret Diary of a U-Boat Commander (1996) and FIPS - Legendary U-Boat Commander (1999), both of which he translated and edited, and were also published initially under the Leo Cooper/Pen And Sword Books imprint. His latest book Hitler's Terror Weapons details the development of secret technology under the Third Reich, and was published in Great Britain in 2002, printed by CPI UK. He has translated for publication 32 military books from the German for UK publishers Pen & Sword Books, Greenhill Books/Frontline Books and Chatham Publishing.


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