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Geoffrey Richardson
Background information
Birth namePeter Geoffrey Richardson
Born (1950-07-15) 15 July 1950 (age 73)
OriginHinckley, Leicestershire, England
  • Musician
  • composer
Years active1971–present
Member ofCaravan
Formerly ofPenguin Cafe Orchestra

Peter Geoffrey Richardson (born 15 July 1950), is a British viola player and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with Caravan,[1] Murray Head and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.


Richardson's father was a semi-pro musician.[2] Richardson himself studied at Winchester School of Art.[2][3] Richardson joined Spirogyra in 1972, but the band broke up shortly after and he joined Caravan on viola.[4] In the mid-1970s, he diversified into session work, including with Kevin Ayers, Café Jacques, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and The Buzzcocks. He left Caravan in 1978, but returned in 1980, playing on The Album.[5]

Later in his career, he toured with Murray Head, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Bob Geldof. He has also recorded with Murray Head, including Between Us (1979), Innocence (1993) and Pipe Dreams (1996). He released a solo album, Viola Mon Amour, in 1993, followed by three albums with fellow Caravan band member Jim Leverton, Follow Your Heart (1995), Poor Man's Rich Man (2000) and The End of The Pier Show (2006). In 2011 he released another solo album, Moving Up A Cloud, with Jo Hook, and in 2016 the first album for which he wrote the songs and performed the vocals, The Garden of Love.[2]

As of 2016, Richardson continues to be an active member of Caravan, having toured in 2011 and performed on a cruise with the group in 2015.[2]


Richardson performing in 2013
Year Player Title
1973 Caravan For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night[6]
1974 Caravan Caravan and the New Symphonia[6]
1974 Kevin Ayers The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories
1975 Caravan Cunning Stunts
1976 Caravan Blind Dog at St. Dunstans
1976 John G. Perry Sunset Wading
1977 Caravan Better by Far
1977 Quantum Jump Barracuda
1977 Quantum Jump Mixing
1977 Ozark Mountain Daredevils Don't Look Down
1977 Café Jacques Round The Back
1978 Café Jacques International
1979 Murray Head Between Us
1979 John Glover Midnight Over England
1980 Caravan The Album
1980 Buzzcocks Why She's a Girl From The Chainstore
1980 Bob Weston Nightlight
1980 Wildlife Burning
1980 Rupert Hine Immunity
1981 Murray Head Voices
1981 Murray Head Find the Crowd
1982 Rupert Hine Waving Not Drowning
1982 Murray Head Shade
1982 John Greaves Accident
1982 Julien Clerc Femmes, Indicrétions, Blasphéme
1983 Penguin Cafe Orchestra Penguin Cafe Orchestra
1983 Penguin Cafe Orchestra The Penguin Cafe Orchestra Mini Album
1984 Penguin Cafe Orchestra Broadcasting from Home
1985 Microdisney The Clock Comes Down The Stairs
1986 Murray Head Restless
1986 Murray Head Sooner or Later
1986 Murray Head Some People
1987 Paul Brady Primitive Dance
1987 Penguin Cafe Orchestra Signs of Life
1988 Penguin Cafe Orchestra When in Rome
1990 Thinkman Hard Hat Zone
1990 Dubh Chapter Silence, Cunning & Exile
1990 Bob Geldof The Vegetarians of Love
1991 The Cross Blue Rock
1991 BBC Concert Orchestra 'Still Life' at the Penguin Cafe
1991 Murray Head Wave
1991 Renaud Marchand de cailloux
1991 Bliss A Change in the Weather
1992 Bob Geldof The Happy Club
1992 Chris de Burgh Power of Ten
1993 Milla Jovovich The Divine Comedy
1993 Penguin Cafe Orchestra Union Café
1993 Rachid Taha Rachid Taha
1993 Geoffrey Richardson Viola Mon Amour
1993 Salif Keita & Steve Hillage L'Enfant Lion
1994 Penguin Cafe Orchestra Concert Program
1994 Renaud A La Belle de Mai
1995 Caravan Battle of Hastings
1995 Murray Head When You're in Love
1995 Jim Leverton & Geoffrey Richardson Follow Your Heart
1995 Murray Head Pipe Dreams
1995 Nina Morato L'Allumeuse
1995 John G Perry Seabird
1995 Rachid Taha Olé, Olé
1996 Caravan All Over You
1996 Nick Heyward Tangled
1996 Bruno Maman Aujourd'hui
1996 Renaud Paris/Provinces
1997 Frankie Valentine Summary of Evidence
1997 Rachid Taha Diwan
1997 Métisse Singe
1997 Justin Hayward The View From The Hill
1997 Penguin Cafe Orchestra Preludes, Airs and Yodels
1998 Linda McCartney Wide Prairie
1998 Wolf Maahn Album
1998 Rachid Taha/Khaled/Faudel 1,2,3 Soleils
1998 Rachid Taha Carte Blanche
1998 Bloem de Ligny Zink
1999 Sadia Pieces
1999 Nova Nova La Chanson de Roland
1999 The Uncalled Four Rubbed Raw
1999 Caravan Surprise Supplies – Live
1999 Caravan All Over You Too
1999 Rachid Taha Made in Medina
2000 Kofi Dako Kologo
2000 Jim Leverton & Geoffrey Richardson Poor Man's Rich Man
2000 Francis Kendall Goodbye Rambling Man
2000 Penguin Cafe Orchestra Simon Jeffes Piano Music
2000 Various Miniatures 2 (Music for the Millennium)
2000 Nova Nova Plaid
2001 Howard Jones Metamorphosis
2002 Caravan Live at Fairfield Halls, 1974
2002 Mostly Autumn Catch The Spirit
2002 Michael Giles Progress
2003 Caravan The Unauthorized Breakfast Item
2003 Francis Kendall & Geoffrey Richardson Oh Sister...
2004 Francis Kendall & Geoffrey Richardson Estella in Lux
2005 David Blosse Pilot Episode
2005 Julian Whitfield Christopher
2005 Jim Leverton Bright New Way
2005 The Fat River Band The Last Great Guitar Heist
2005 Jim Laslett Loving Should Be Easy
2006 Lupen Crook Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping
2006 Jim Leverton & Geoffrey Richardson The End of the Pier Show
2006 Paul Roland Re-animator
2007 Maestoso Caterwauling
2007 Raphael Mead On The Hill
2007 Murray Head Tête à Tête
2007 Darwin Bay Pluies Acides
2008 Murray Head Rien N'est Ecrit
2008 Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C Embers
2008 Chris de Burgh Footsteps
2008 Renaud Tournée Rouge Sang (the Rouge Sang live album)
2009 Renaud Molly Malone – Balade irlandaise
2009 Mandalaband Ancestors
2009 Amber Album
2009 Chris de Burgh You'll Never Walk Alone
2010 Raphael Mead Ruled by the Heart
2010 Juanes P.A.R.C.E.
2010 Murray Head Live 2009/Collection Live 2009
2010 Chris de Burgh Moonfleet
2011 Chris de Burgh Footsteps 2
2011 Geoffrey Richardson Moving Up A Cloud
2011 Last Knight Talking to the Moon
2011 Mattea de Luca Album
2013 Caravan Paradise Filter
2016 Geoffrey Richardson The Garden of Love



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