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For those of a similar name, see Jeff Simmons.

Geoffrey Simmons (born 1943) is a medical doctor, author, lecturer, trainer and intelligent design advocate from Eugene, Oregon. He has a BS in biology from the University of Illinois and received an M.D. from the University of Illinois Medical School in 1969.[1] He is a doctor of internal medicine for the PeaceHealth Medical Group in Eugene, boarded in internal medicine and disaster medicine.[2]


Simmons is a fellow at the Center for Science and Culture, part of the Discovery Institute. He toured with PSSI in Spain with the Spanish version of What Darwin Didn't Know, to five cities: Barcelona, Málaga, Madrid, León and Vigo, nine lectures altogether. He has lectured at college campuses, churches and synagogues. Simmons also teaches disaster preparedness locally, regionally and nationally.[3] He is a Governor on the Board of Governors for the American Academy of Disaster Medicine and an Advisor to FEMA on the Advisory COuncil for FEMA Region X[citation needed]. He is a CERT trainer and volunteer CERT Coordinator for the City of Eugene. He has lectured at the IAEM and NASA. His newest book Common Sense and Disaster Preparedness will be published by the Journal of Emergency Management (JEM), Fall 2010.[4]

Intelligent design[edit]

Simmons has written nine books, four fiction, two medical spoofs, and two books about the creation-evolution controversy, published by a Christian publishing house and promotes intelligent design. In 2008, he debated evolutionary biologist PZ Myers, among many professors, on KKMS radio.[5] He has done other radio interviews, such as on Coast to Coast AM in 2007[6][7]


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