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Geoffrey W. Bromiley
Born1915 Edit this on Wikidata
Lancashire Edit this on Wikidata
Died7 August 2009 Edit this on Wikidata (aged 93–94)
OccupationHistorian, theologian Edit this on Wikidata
Position heldemeritus (Fuller Theological SeminaryEdit this on Wikidata

Geoffrey W. Bromiley (1915–2009) was an ecclesiastical historian and historical theologian. He was professor emeritus at Fuller Theological Seminary, "having been Professor of Church History and Historical Theology there from 1958 until his retirement in 1987."[1]


"Bromiley, born in Bromley Cross, Lancashire, England, in 1915. Bromiley died on 7 August 2009.


Bromiley earned his MA at Cambridge University and his PhD, DLitt, and DD at the University of Edinburgh.

Academic work[edit]

Ordained in the Church of England, Bromiley served from 1951 to 1958 as Rector of St. Thomas’s Church, Edinburgh. In 1958, he accepted the appointment as Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Fuller, where he served until his retirement in 1987."[1]


  • The Baptism of Infants, 1955, 1976 & 1977, Vine Books (Out of print, but now available online through the Church Society website)
  • Children of Promise: The Case for Baptizing Infants, 1979, Eerdmans, ISBN 978-0-8028-1797-6
  • God and Marriage, 1980, Eerdmans, ISBN 978-0-8028-1851-5
  • Historical Theology: An Introduction, 2000, T & T Clark, ISBN 978-0-567-22357-9
  • Introduction to the Theology of Karl Barth, 2000, T & T Clark, ISBN 978-0-567-29054-0
  • Sacramental Teaching and Practice in the Reformation Churches, 1957, Eerdmans,

Bromiley also co-edited the English translation of Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics series with T. F. Torrance.

Whilst not all his original work, Bromiley is also listed as Author of the Fully Revised Edition of.


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