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Arms of Luttrell differenced by tincture: left: Azure, a bend between six martlets argent (Luttrell of Irnham, as shown in the Luttrell Psalter); right: Or, a bend between six martlets sable (Luttrell of Dunster Castle). It is not clear which version was originally adopted by the common ancestor of both families, Sir Geoffrey de Luterel I (d.1218), at the start of the age of heraldry (circa 1200-1215)

Sir Geoffrey de Luterel I (c. 1158–1218), was a courtier and confidant of King John, whom he served as a minister.


He was born around 1158 in Gamston, Nottinghamshire, England, the son of Alfred de Luterel (1105-1170).

Relations with King John[edit]

He travelled with King John (1199-1216) on missions to Ireland and Italy and in about 1210 was granted lands near Dublin, Ireland where he established the township of Luttrellstown, near Clonsilla. In 1215 he was also granted the townland of Cratloe in County Clare, including the Cratloe Oak Woods.[1]

Marriage & progeny[edit]

On February 26, 1190 he married Frethesant Paynel (alias Paganel, etc.), heiress of several estates including Irnham, Lincolnshire and East Quantoxhead, Somerset and others in Yorkshire, which thus passed to the Luttrell family. By his wife he had 3 children:

  • Andrew de Lutrel (1st Baron Irnham) (1205-1264) married abt 1225 Petronella daughter of Philip Marc. Their son is Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, Lord Luttrell (b bef 1235 d abt 1269).
  • Robert de Lutrel.
  • Margeret de Luterel

Later life and death[edit]

In 1216 he was declared non compos mentis and was placed in the custody of his brother, John Luttrell. He died in 1218, aged about 60.


He was the head of the three main branches of the Luttrell family, namely:


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