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Geoffrey III of Rancon was a French army commander who lived in the 12th century. He was also Lord of Taillebourg.[1] He served as Eleanor of Aquitaine's army commander during the Second Crusade. When the Crusaders, ordered by King Louis VII of France climbed Mount Cadmos, the vanguard where Queen Eleanor was traveling led on. It was said Rancon disobeyed orders and chose to march further than the spot suggested by the King for camp. He decided in concert with leader of the vanguard Amadeus III of Savoy as the Count of Maurienne and therefore Louis´maternal uncle, that a nearby plateau would make a better camp. Disobedience was reportedly common in the army, due to the lack of command from the King. As a result, the army was split and disorganized, and the Turks successfully ambushed a portion. The King narrowly escaped, and the blame for the massacre fell on Rancon. King Louis sent Rancon home from the Crusade early, as a punishment.

He is also listed as having participated in the Third Crusade in the Itinerarium Regis Ricardi[2] and appears as a witness to Richard I's peace treaty with Tancred of Sicily in Messina on 6 Oct 1190.[3]

A descendant of Rancon was married to Isabelle, the daughter of Eleanor's daughter in law Isabella of Angoulême.


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