Geoffrey of Langley

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Coat of arm of Geoffrey of Langley

Geoffrey of Langley was an English knight and ambassador of the 13th century. He participated in the crusade of Edward I of England in the Holy Land in the years 1270-71.[1]

Geoffrey de Langley was also sent to the Mongol Il-Khanate court of Ghazan in 1291.[1] Geoffrey left from Genoa, where he was joined by the Khan's ambassador to the West Buscarel of Gisolfe to go to the Mongol capital of Tabriz.[1] The embassy is known in some detail because the financial accounts of it have remained.[1] Geoffrey returned to Genoa on 11 January 1293.[1]

Geoffrey of Langley was a member of the English knights under Edmond of Lancaster who went to France in 1294.[1]