Geographical Society Island

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Geographical Society Island
Native name: Geografisk Samfund Ø
Geographical Society Island is located in Greenland
Geographical Society Island
Geographical Society Island (Greenland)
Location East Greenland
Coordinates 72°56′N 23°5′W / 72.933°N 23.083°W / 72.933; -23.083Coordinates: 72°56′N 23°5′W / 72.933°N 23.083°W / 72.933; -23.083
Area 1,717 km2 (663 sq mi)
Highest elevation 1,730 m (5,680 ft)
Highest point Svedenborg Bjerg[1]
Population 0

Geographical Society Island (Danish: Geografisk Samfund Ø) is an island in northeastern Greenland with area 1,717 km². To the north lies Ymer Island, and to the south lies Traill Ø. In the west, over Kong Oscar Fjord lies Ella Island.

It is mountainous with Svedenborg Fjeld as the highest point at 1,730 m.


From west to east, the rocks constituting the island are sandstone of roughly devonian, carboniferous and cretaceous age, and some smaller areas with triassic and jurassic sandstone.[2]