Geology of Mumbai

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Geology of Mumbai refers to the geology of the city of the island city of Mumbai.

Back Bay and Bandra reclamation are the major reclamation areas of Mumbai in the Arabian sea.


The predominant soil cover in Mumbai city is sandy, whereas in the suburban district, the soil cover is alluvial and loamy.

Land Usage Mumbai city district (area in km2. and %) Mumbai suburban district (area in km2. and %)
Inhabited area 53.84, 79.45% 277.5, 75%
Agricultural area Nil 18.5, 5%
Industrial area 13.5, 19.9% 41.0, 11.69%
Forest Cover 0.4543, 0.7% 33.0, 8.31%
Wastelands Nil Nil
Total: 67.79 km2 370 square kilometres
Source:Relief and rehabitation (Mumbai)[1]



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