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Geombinatorics is a mathematical research journal (ISSN 1065-7371) founded by Alexander Soifer and published by the University of Colorado, United States, since 1991 under an international board of editors (Ronald L. Graham, University of California, San Diego; Branko Grünbaum, University of Washington; Peter Johnson,Jr., Auburn University; Geoffrey Exoo, Indiana State University, Jaroslav Nešetřil, Charles University - Czech Republic; János Pach, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Heiko Harborth, Braunschweig University of Technology). It is devoted to problems in discrete, convex, and combinatorial geometry, as well as related areas.

Unlike many other mathematical journals, its articles feature research in progress, which makes it attractive for undergraduates and graduates students aspiring to commence their research.

Paul Erdős was an editor of and active contributor to Geombinatorics.

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