Geomorphological division of Slovakia

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This page gives an overview of the geomorphological division of Slovakia. It is ordered in a hierarchical form, belonging to the Alps-Himalaya System and to the sub-systems of the Carpathian Mountains and of the Pannonian Basin. These subsystems are subsequently divided into provinces, sub-provinces and areas.

Terminology (first Slovak, second English translation(s); see also: [1] (Slovak)):

  • oblasť = area
  • systém, sústava = system
  • (sub)provincia = (sub)province
  • nížina = lowland (0 - 200/300 m ASL)
  • vysočina = highland (above 200/300 m ASL)
  • rovina = flat (altitude difference app. 0 – 30 m)
  • pahorkatina = hills, downs (altitude difference app. 30 – 100/150 m)
  • vrchovina = upland, highland (altitude difference app. 100/150 – 300/310 m)
  • hornatina = highland(s) (altitude difference app. 300/310 – 600/640 m)
  • veľhornatina = mountains (altitude difference app. above 600/640 m)
  • planina = app: plain, plateau, tableland
  • plošina = app: plateau, tableland
  • zníženina, depresia = depression
  • panva = basin
  • kotlina = basin
  • úval = hollow, depression
  • brána = gate
  • tabuľa = plateau, tableland
  • podhorie = foothills
  • brázda = furrow
  • vrchy = hills
  • pohorie = mountain range, mountain chain
Geomorphological division of Slovakia, with Slovak names

Carpathian Mountains (Slovak: Karpaty) (sub-system)[edit]

Western Carpathians (Západné Karpaty) (province)[edit]

Inner Western Carpathians (Vnútorné Západné Karpaty) (sub-province)[edit]

Slovak Ore Mountains (Slovenské rudohorie) (area)[edit]
Fatransko-tatranská oblasť (Fatra-Tatra Area)[edit]
Slovenské stredohorie (Slovak Medium Mountains) (area)[edit]
Lučensko-košická zníženina (Lučenec-Košice Depression) (area)[edit]
Matransko-slanská oblasť (Matra-Slanec Area)[edit]

Outer Western Carpathians (Vonkajšie Západné Karpaty) (sub-province)[edit]

Slovak-Moravian Carpathians (Slovensko-moravské Karpaty) (area)[edit]
Západné Beskydy (Western Beskids) (area)[edit]
Stredné Beskydy (Central Beskids) (area)[edit]
Východné Beskydy ("Eastern Beskids") (area)[edit]
Podhôľno-magurská oblasť (Podhale-Magura Area)[edit]

Eastern Carpathians (Východné Karpaty) (province)[edit]

Inner Eastern Carpathians (Vnútorné Východné Karpaty) (sub-province)[edit]

Vihorlatsko-gutínska oblasť (Vihorlat-Gutín Area)[edit]

Outer Eastern Carpathians (Vonkajšie Východné Karpaty) (sub-province)[edit]

Poloniny Mounthains (area)[edit]
Nízke Beskydy (Low Beskids) (area)[edit]

Pannonian Basin (Panónska panva) (sub-system)[edit]

Západopanónska panva (West Pannonian Basin)(province)[edit]

Vienna Basin (Viedenská kotlina) (sub-province)[edit]

Záhorská nížina (Záhorie Lowland) (area)[edit]
Juhomoravská panva (South Moravian Basin) (area)[edit]

Malá dunajská kotlina (Little Hungarian Plain) (sub-province)[edit]

Podunajská nížina (Danubian Lowland) (area)[edit]

Východopanónska panva (Eastern Pannonian Basin) (province)[edit]

Veľká dunajská kotlina (Great Hungarian Plain) (sub-province)[edit]

Východoslovenská nížina (Eastern Slovak Lowland) (area)[edit]


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