Georg Balthasar Metzger

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Georg Balthasar Metzger
Georg Balthasar Metzger.jpg
Georg Balthasar Metzger (1623–1687)
Born 23 September 1623
Schweinfurt, Holy Roman Empire
Died 9 October 1687
Tübingen, Holy Roman Empire
Nationality German
Fields Physician
Institutions University of Tübingen
Alma mater University of Jena
University of Basel
Doctoral advisor Gottfried Möbius
Johann Jakob von Brunn
Doctoral students Rudolf Jakob Camerarius
Elias Rudolph Camerarius Sr.
Johannes Ulricus Schmidlin

Georg Balthasar Metzger (23 September 1623 – 9 October 1687) was a German physician and scientist notable as one of the four founding members of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina in Schweinfurt.

In 1646 Metzger obtained the Magister Artium degree from the University of Jena under Gottfried Möbius with a thesis entitled: Suppressionem mensium. In 1650, he obtained the Medicinae Doctorate from the University of Basel under Johann Jakob von Brunn with a thesis entitled: Disputatio medica inauguralis de catarrho suffocativo.

In 1661 Metzger was appointed to the University of Tübingen by Eberhard III, Duke of Württemberg (1614–74) to improve its teaching of anatomy and surgery. From 1681–1688 he also directed the university's Hortus medicus, which has subsequently evolved into the Botanischer Garten der Universität Tübingen. In 1688 its direction passed to Metzer's student, Rudolf Jacob Camerer.

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