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Göttinger Gedenktafel - Georg Dehio.jpg
Grave of Georg Dehio in Tübingen.

Georg Gottfried Julius Dehio (November 22, 1850 in Reval (now Tallinn), Governorate of Estonia, Russian Empire – March 21, 1932 in Tübingen), was a Baltic German art historian.

In 1900, Dehio started the "Handbuch der deutschen Kunstgeschichte" (Handbook of German Art History), published by Ernst Wasmuth. The project is ongoing and managed by the 'Dehio-Vereinigung', Munich.

He is the namesake of the Georg Dehio Prize (Georg Dehio Book Prize).

He was laureate of the Pour le Mérite order ("Pour le Mérite für Wissenschaften und Künste"), the Eagle Shield of the German Empire (Adlerschild des Deutschen Reiches) and the Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art. He held honorary doctor titles in Göttingen, Tübingen, Frankfurt (Main) and Darmstadt. The 1987 discovered minor planet 48415 Dehio is named after him.

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