Georg Erhard Hamberger

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Georg Erhard Hamberger
Georg Erhard Hamberger. Line engraving by M. Bernigeroth. Wellcome V0002540.jpg
Georg Erhard Hamberger
Born 21 December 1697
Jena, Saxe-Weimar
Died 22 July 1755 (1755-07-23) (aged 57)
Residence Jena
Nationality German
Fields Medicine, physiology, botany
Institutions University of Jena
Alma mater University of Jena
Doctoral advisor Johann Adolph Wedel[1]
Doctoral students Christoph Andreas Mangold[1]
Known for Physiology of respiration

Georg Erhard Hamberger (21 December 1697 – 22 July 1755) was a German professor of medicine, surgery, and botany.

Hamberger was born in Jena, and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Jena in 1721.[2] He studied the physiology of respiration, especial with respect to breathing.[3] He authored a textbook on physiology, covering the thorax muscles, intercostal muscles, and pleural sac. He also studied the reaction of camphor and nitric acid. His writings included the study of gravitation and the ascension of gases.


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