Georg Franz Hoffmann

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Georg Franz Hoffmann.

Georg Franz Hoffmann was a German botanist and lichenologist, who was born January 13, 1760 in Marktbreit, Germany, and died March 17, 1826 in Moscow, Russia.[1]

Professional career[edit]

After graduating from the University of Erlangen in 1786, he worked there between 1787 and 1792 as a professor of botany. Between 1792 and 1803 he was Head of the Botany Department and Director of the Botanical Garden of Göttingen University. Already a famous botanist, in particular for his work on lichens, he settled in Moscow in January 1804 and directed the Department of Botany at University of Moscow,[1] as well as the Botanical garden.


  • Descriptio et adumbratio plantarum e classe cryptogámica Linnaei qua lichenes dicuntur... (1789-1801)
  • Vegetabilia cryptogama. (1790, Erlangen)
  • Nomenclator Fungorum. (1789-1790, two volumes, Berlin)
  • Historia salicum, iconibus illustrata. (1785-1787, Leipzig)
  • Deutschlands Flora, oder, Botanisches Taschenbuch (1791, 1795, 1800, and 1804, Erlangen)
  • Enumeratio plantarum et seminum hort botanici mosquensis. (1808, Moscow)
  • Genera Plantarum Umbelliferarum (1814, 1816, Moscow)
  • Herbarium vivum, sive collectio plantarum siccarun, Caesareae Universitatis Mosquensis. Pars secunda, continents . . . (1825)

In 1787, Olof Peter Swartz (1760–1818) dedicated the genus Hoffmannia of the Rubiaceae to him.

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