Georg Joachimsthal

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Georg Joachimsthal (1863-1914)

Georg Joachimsthal (May 8, 1863 – February 28, 1914) was a German orthopedist who was native of Stargard in Pommern.

In 1887 he earned his medical doctorate from Friedrich Wilhelm University with a dissertation on scoliosis titled Zur Pathologie und Therapie der Skoliose, and afterwards remained in Berlin as an assistant to Julius Wolff (1836-1902). He received his habilitation in 1898, and two years later founded a private clinic. In 1908 he became an associate professor and director of the orthopedic university polyclinic in Berlin.[1]

In Berlin, Joachimsthal performed important experimental studies involving the physiological effects of orthopedic procedures. He was a founding member of the Deutschen Orthopädischen Gesellschaft (German Orthopedic Society), and in 1910 founded the Berlin Orthopedic Society.[1]

In 1905 he published a highly regarded textbook on orthopedic surgery called Handbuch der Orthopädischen Chirurgie. In 1907 became an editor of the Zeitschrift für Orthopädische Chirurgie.