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Georg Vasilievich Myasnikov (Russian: Георг Васильевич Мясников; 20 March 1926, Kopovka – 18 July 1996) was a Soviet CPSU, state and public figure, historian, local history specialist.

He was 2nd secretary of the Penza Oblast committee of CPSU (1961—1964, 1965—1986), secretary of the Penza Oblast committee of CPSU (1964—1965), 1-st deputy chairman of Soviet culture fund board (1986–1991), deputy chairman of Russian culture fund (1991–1992).

He made major contributions to creation of new culture objects (museums, monuments etc.), sport institutions, teenage-clubs and recreation areas, that improved Penza region reputation and popularity.

Working in culture fund Myasnikov furthered new museums foundation, charitable funds, publishing branch. Took steps for development of inter-national cultural relationship and returning of cultural values to USSR.

Author of several articles, two books on Penza oblast and diary which were partially published after his death.

He was awarded: