Georg Reichwein

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Georg Reichwein
Commands heldKongsvinger Fortress

Georg Reichwein, Jr. (1630–1710) was a military government official. He was the son of general major Georg Reichwein, Sr., who immigrated to Denmark-Norway from Hesse in 1628.[1]

In 1658 he became captain in charge of the Sør-Gudbrandsdalske company. In a letter written in 1664 we find he lived at Jørstad farm in Fåberg. His father was raised to a peerage in 1655, and he would have been foremost in rank at Fåberg in his time. He bought both Nordre Jørstad and Søndre Jørstad farms in 1672.[1]

Reichwein was promoted to Major in 1675, and as Lieutenant Colonel in 1682 he was commander of Kongsvinger Fortress. He remained at Kongsvinger and became a Colonel in 1689. He lived at Vingnes in 1695, where he is recorded as married to his second wife, Catharina Sverdrup. He died in 1710. His son Lorentz Reichwein became a military officer and county governor.[1]


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