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George Affleck (born October 15, 1964)[1] is a Canadian-born executive who was an on-air host with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and an author before launching Curve Communications, a Vancouver-based public relations, marketing and communications agency that is ranked in the top 10 by BIV (Business In Vancouver Magazine).[citation needed] He formed Curve Communications with partners Laura Ballance and Duane Lennie. He is now the president and CEO[2]

Personal life[edit]

Affleck was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and has 3 sisters[2] He attended Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia studying business before taking an opportunity to work at Vancouver's Expo '86. He worked on a co-op in Israel's Negev Desert, took bets at a bookmaker's shop in England and bar-tended before returning to Vancouver to study English Literature at Simon Fraser University. He then studied journalism at Langara College and subsequently landed a job with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.[2]

He has joint custody of two children[3] and currently lives with his partner, Amanda Bates (Marketing Executive) and their son in downtown Vancouver.[2][4]


Radio Host[edit]

(1991–1998) Affleck's career in Broadcast Journalism included a regular guest hosting spot on CBC's "Saturday Show" and "Sunday Show", later renamed "North-by-Northwest". He was a regular contributor to "Definitely Not the Opera" (DNTO) and a Writer/Broadcaster on the Early Edition, BC Almanac and The Afternoon Show.

Affleck was also a Documentary Producer for Radiosonic. He was a Freelance Feature Reporter for CBC TV News and a Producer for News and Current Affairs (CBC Radio in Vancouver). Affleck was also a Music Story Producer on Realtime.


Affleck wrote a historical anthology of the BC and Yukon Community Newspapers Association's member newspapers. The book, called "Paper Trails" was published in 1999, by Arch Communications[5]

Curve Communications[edit]

(2000–present) Launched with two colleagues (Laura Ballance and Duane Lennie), Curve Communications was launched after Affleck was given an assignment from the BC and Yukon Community Newspapers Association to assemble a historical anthology of its member newspapers. Following the success of the anthology (published in 1999), Curve Communications began taking additional clients (among them: Pacific National Exhibition and the Cloverdale Rodeo).[2][6]

Over the next several years the business expanded until Lennie left the business leaving Affleck and Ballance as partners. In September 2008, Affleck and Ballance dissolved their partnership with Affleck keeping Curve and taking on the position of President and Chief Executive Officer. At this time (September 1, 2008) Curve Communications was ranked as the 63rd fastest growing company in British Columbia by Business In Vancouver (BIV Magazine).[2][7] As of January 2012, it is reported that Affleck owns more than 30% of Curve.[8]


(2011–present) Affleck successfully ran for political office in his home town of Vancouver in municipal elections held November 19, 2011. On November 15, 2014, Affleck was elected for his second term as a Councillor for the City of Vancouver under the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) party slate. [9] [10]


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