George Albert I, Count of Erbach-Schönberg

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George Albert I, Count of Erbach-Schönberg (16 December 1597 – 25 November 1647), was a German prince member of the House of Erbach and ruler over Schönberg, Seeheim, Reichenberg, Fürstenau and since 1643 over all the Erbach family lands.

Born in Erbach, he was the fourth child and second (but eldest surviving) son of George III, Count of Erbach-Breuberg and his fourth wife Maria, a daughter of Count Albert X of Barby-Mühlingen.


After the death of their father, George Albert I and his surviving elder half-brothers divided the Erbach domains in 1606: he received the districts of Schönberg and Seeheim.

In 1617 he was captured by pirates and taken to Tunis, but shortly after he was ransomed.[1]

In 1623, after the death of his eldest half-brother Frederick Magnus without surviving issue, the remaining brothers divided his domains: George Albert I received the district of Reichenberg.

In 1627, with the death of another half-brother, John Casimir, unmarried and without issue, was made another land division; this time George Albert I received Fürstenau. Finally, the death of his last surviving half-brother Louis I in 1643 without living sons, allowed George Albert I to reunited all the Erbach family possessions.

George Albert I died in Erbach aged 49 and was buried in Michelstadt.

Marriages and Issue[edit]

In Erbach on 29 May 1624 George Albert I married firstly with Magdalena (13 November 1595 – 31 July 1633), a daughter of Johann VI, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg and his third wife Johannetta of Sayn-Wittgenstein.[2][better source needed] They had six children:

  • Ernest Louis Albert (6 October 1626 – 10 May 1627).
  • Louise Albertine (5 October 1628 – 20 October 1645).
  • George Ernest, Count of Erbach-Wildenstein (7 October 1629 – 25 August 1669).
  • Maria Charlotte (24 March 1631 – 8 June 1693), married on 15 June 1650 to Count Johann Ernest of Isenburg-Büdingen in Wächtersbach.
  • Anna Philippina (15 July 1632 – 16 March 1633).
  • Stillborn son (31 July 1633).

On 23 February 1634 George Albert I married secondly with Anna Dorothea (1612 – 23 June 1634), a daughter of Albert, Schenk of Limpurg-Gaildorf and his wife Emilie of Rogendorf.[citation needed] They had no children.[3]

In Frankfurt am Main on 26 July 1635 George Albert I married thirdly with Elisabeth Dorothea (27 August 1617 – 12 November 1655), a daughter of George Frederick II, Count of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg in Schillingsfürst and his wife Dorothea Sophie of Solms-Hohensolms.[4][better source needed] They had nine children:


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