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George Austin Woods (1828 – 1905, in Suva) was a British navy officer who served as premier of the Kingdom of Viti between May 1872 and 1874.[1][2][3]

Woods served as lieutenant in the Royal Navy.[2] His father, George, had also served in the Royal Navy and so had others of his relatives.[4] He then worked as marine surveyor in New Zealand.[2] In February 1871 he arrived in Fiji, hoping to work as surveyor there.[2][4] Once in Fiji he came into contact with King Seru Epenisa Cakobau.[2] He went on to serve as Premier in Cakobau's cabinet.[2] He also served as Minister of Land and Works and as Minister of Native Affairs at the same time.[5] He focused on the financial management of the state.[6] When chiefs demanded that Woods be excluded from meetings of Fijian ministers, Cakobau named him as Tui Kaba, adoptin him into the Bauan ruling family.[2][6]


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