George Büchi

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George Büchi
Born (1921-08-01)August 1, 1921
Died August 28, 1998(1998-08-28) (aged 77)
Fields Organic chemistry
Institutions Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alma mater ETH Zürich
Thesis Beitrag zur Konstitutionsaufklärung des Breins (1949)
Doctoral advisor Leopold Ružička
Doctoral students Edward M. Burgess

George Hermann Büchi (August 1, 1921 – August 28, 1998) was organic chemist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "Paternò's reaction", known since the early twentieth century,[1] was renamed to the "Paternò–Büchi reaction" based enhancements made to it by Büchi's research group.[2]


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