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George Balch Nevin (March 15, 1859 – April 17, 1933) was an American composer and businessman. A member of the Nevin musical family, his cousins were the composers Ethelbert and Arthur Nevin; his son, Gordon Balch Nevin, also became a composer.[1]

Nevin was born in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania,[2] and spent most of his life in the town of Easton. His output consisted mainly of cantatas, and included such works as The Crown of Life and The Incarnation; he was also known for his setting of Sidney Lanier's poem "A Ballad of Trees and the Master", and wrote a number of hymns as well. For nearly thirty years, he ran a wholesale paper business in addition to composing.[1]

Nevin was also a historian and lecturer, and would sometimes give lectures on subjects related to music history to local historical societies. Some of these have survived in manuscript form.[3]

Nevin died in 1933.

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