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George Bayer was a financial astrologer and trader who made market forecasts during the same time as W. D. Gann and also wrote extensively about financial astrology.


Bayer's forecasts were documented in his Market Previews.[1] He lived in Carmel, California around the same time as Gann.

Financial astrology[edit]

Bayer's approach to the Bible resembled Gann's, who also believed that it contained scientific value on astrological cycles.[2] He was perhaps the first to apply other astronomical parameters in forecasting financial markets.[3] He introduced a method of horoscope analysis known as the Five Fold Horoscope and wrote that astrological progression of the moon over the points of such a horoscope produced vibration in the price of a stock or commodity.[4]


  • Bible Interpretation (1920)
  • Complete Course of Astrology (1937)
  • Stock & Commodity Traders' Handbook of Trend Determination (1940)
  • Gold Nuggets for Stock & Commodity Traders (1941)
  • Egg of Columbus (1942)
  • Turning Four Hundred Years of Astrology to Practical Use (1943)
  • George Wollsten (1946)
  • Time Factors in the Stock Market (1937)


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