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George Bell (1814–1890) was an English publisher who founded the book publishing house George Bell & Sons.

Location of the Bell houses[edit]

  • 1839: 1 Bouverie Street
  • 1840: 186 Fleet Street
  • 1854: Acquired Deighton's offices at Green Street and Trinity Street, Cambridge
  • 1864: Acquired 4 York Street, Covent Garden. This location had quite a pedigree: The previous occupant of these houses was the publishing company of Henry George Bohn; before that they had belonged to the bookseller J.H. Bohte, who specialized in classics; and before that (though not immediately before) they had been the home of Thomas de Quincey.[1]
  • 1867: Moved out of Fleet Street
  • 1910: York House, Portugal Street
  • 1977: Denmark House, Queen Elizabeth Street

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