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George C. Baker (born 1951 in Dallas, Texas) is an American organist, composer, pedagogue, and dermatologist.


George C. Baker received his first musical instruction at age four. In 1961, he began to take organ lessons with Phil Baker, organist at Highland Park Methodist Church in Dallas. He completed his organ studies with Robert T. Anderson at Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1973 with a Bachelor's degree. In 1969, he won the Regional Competition, and a year later the National Organ Competition of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) in Buffalo, New York, being the youngest winner in the competition's history.

Additional organ studies in France followed with Marie-Claire Alain, André Marchal, Pierre Cochereau, and Jean Langlais. In 1974, Baker won the Grand Prix de Chartres in organ performance.[1] He obtained a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Michigan and joined the faculty of The Catholic University in Washington, D.C. In 1979, he was the recipient of the first prize at the International Organ Improvisation Competition in Lyon, France. His recordings contain the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach (the first by an American) and Louis Vierne (together with Pierre Cochereau), as well as the world premiere recording of the organ compositions of Darius Milhaud, which was awarded two Grand Prix du Disque.

In addition to his musical career, George C. Baker obtained an M.D. degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas in 1987 and began to practice medicine in 1991, after an internship in Internal Medicine and Dermatology. In 1996, he entered the Executive M.B.A. program at Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, where he graduated with an M.B.A. degree in 1998. During this time, he was Adjunct Professor of organ performance and improvisation at Southern Methodist University, and also served as SMU Health Center dermatologist.

Baker served for a time as Associate University Organist at Perkins Chapel, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Currently, George C. Baker is in great international demand as a concert organist, jury member of competitions, and composer. He also teaches organ improvisation classes at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Baker currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two children.


Organ Solo[edit]

  • Far-West Toccata (1969/revised 2008, Manuscript)
  • Berceuse Paraphrase (Chicago, IL: H. T. Fitzsimmons Company, 1993)
  • Divertissement (Chicago, IL: H. T. Fitzsimmons Company, 1996)
  • Chorale Prelude on "Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten" (composed 2000, Manuscript)
  • At the River (Tarzana, CA: Fred Bock, 2000)
  • Tuba Tune Ragtime (Tarzana, CA: Gentry Publications, 2004)
  • Ricercar on "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland" (composed 2004, Manuscript)
  • Toccata-Gigue on the Sussex Carol (composed 2008, Manuscript)
  • Variations on "Rouen" (composed 2010, Manuscript)


  • Noels for SATB voices, accompanied (Tarzana: CA: Gentry Publications, 2000)
  • Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland for choir and organ (composed 2004, Manuscript)
  • Our Father for SATB choir (composed 2005, Manuscript)


  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Complete Organ Works. Recorded between 1976 and 1979 in Thionville, at Notre-Dame-des-Blancs-Mateaux and St. Louis in Paris, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: 5 Organ Concertos. Concertos BWV 592-596. Recorded on the Kern organ at Notre-Dame-des-Blancs-Mateaux in Paris, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music FYCD 080. 1 CD.
  • Pierre du Mage: Livre d'Orgue & Louis-Nicolas Clérambault: 2 Suites. Recorded in 1976 at Houdan, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music, 1976. 1 LP.
  • Marcel Dupré: Organ Works Vol. 13. Vision op. 44, Zephyrs, Deuxième Symphonie op. 26, Six Antiennes pour le Temps de Noël op. 48, Chorales op. 28 (Nos. 21-23, 36-41 & 66). Recorded in 2001 at Perkins Chapel, SMU, Dallas, Texas. Naxos 8.554542. 1 CD.
  • Paul Hindemith: 3 Sonatas & Max Reger: Organ Works. Recorded in 1975 at St. Sernin, Toulouse, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music, 1975. 1 LP.
  • Darius Milhaud: Complete Organ Works. Recorded in 1974 at Chartres Cathedral, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music FYCD 916. 1 CD.
  • Louis Vierne: 24 Pièces de Fantaisie. Recorded in 1993 at St. Ouen, Rouen, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music FYCD 817/8. 2 CDs.
  • Louis Vierne: 24 Pièces en style libre op. 31, Messe basse op. 30, Messe basse pour les défunts op. 62, Prélude funèbre op. 4. Recorded in 1990 and 1993 at St. Ouen, Rouen, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music FYCD 815/6. 2 CDs.
  • Louis Vierne: Organ Works. Messe solennelle op. 16, Verset fugué sur „In exitu Israel“ (1894), Allegretto op. 1, Communion op. 8, Triptyque op. 58, Prélude (1914), 3 Improvisations, Marche triomphale op. 46. Recorded in 1993 at St. Ouen, Rouen, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music FYCD 815/6. 2 CDs.
  • Organ Works of American Composers. Recorded in 1976 at St. Sernin, Toulouse, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music, 1976. 1 LP.
  • Charles-Marie Widor: Symphonie Gothique & Louis Vierne: 24 Pièces en style libre op. 31. Recorded in 1990 at St. Ouen, Rouen, France. Sigean, France: Solstice Music.
  • Riches to Rags: Works of Bach and Joplin. Baroque Notes Inc., 1997. 1 CD.
  • Jean Langlais: un centenaire/a centenary. Recorded 2007 at Saint-Sernin, Toulouse, France. Sigean: Solstice Music, 2007. 1 CD.
  • Olivier Messiaen: La Nativité du Seigneur. Baroque Notes Inc., 2008. 1 CD.
  • Hommage à Cochereau. (Together with David Briggs, Thierry Escaich und Loïc Mallié.) Recorded in 2008 at Saint-Sulpice, Paris, France (George Baker: Ricercar on "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland", Berceuse-Paraphrase, Toccata-Gigue on the Sussex Carol). Sigean: Solstice Music, 2009. 1 CD.


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