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George Campbell Ross C.B., C.B.E. (9 August 1900 – 30 July 1993)[1] was an Engineer and a Rear Admiral in Britain's Royal Navy.[2] He was also the son of Sir Archibald Ross OBE (1867 - March 19, 1931), a pioneering marine engineer.

Service biography[edit]

World War I[edit]

He served on HMS Warspite, HM Submarine P59 and HMS Vendetta during World War I.


Engineering Courses at RN College, Greenwich, and RN Engineering College, Keyham 1919-1921; HMS Hawkins, Flagship of China Station 1921-1924. Lecturer in Marine Engineering, RN Engineering College 1924-1927; HMS Effingham, Flagship of East Indies Station 1927-1929; HM Dockyard, Chatham 1929-1931; HMS Rodney (29), Atlantic Fleet 1931-1933; Invergordon Mutiny 1931; Assistant Naval Attache, British Embassy, Tokyo 1933-1936; Liaison Officer to Japanese Flagship Asigara, Coronation Review 1937; introduced Oerlikon 20 mm cannon to the RN 1937; HMS Manchester, East Indies Station 1937-1939.

World War II[edit]

Engineer-in-Chief's Department, Admiralty 1939-1941; Engineer Officer, HMS Nelson, and Staff Engineer Officer to Flag Officer, Force H, Malta Convoy, North Africa and Sicily 1941-1943; HMS ST ANGELO, Malta, as Staff Engineer Officer, on staff of Capt, Force 'H', Aug–Dec 1943; surrender of Italian Fleet 1943; Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Department, Admiralty 1943-1947;


Chief of Staff to R Adm, Reserve Aircraft 1948-1949; Director of Aircraft Maintenance and Repair, Admiralty 1949-1953; retired 1953. After retirement from the Royal Navy Ross joined Armstrong Siddeley as a liaison officer between the company and the Admiralty.

Family life[edit]

He married, on September 16, 1929 Alice Behrens, daughter of the banker Paul Behrens (of the Salomon Oppenheim bank) in Berlin, the first German women to marry an Englishman after World War I.


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