George Cary Eggleston

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George Cary Eggleston

George Cary Eggleston (26 November 1839 – 14 April 1911) American author and brother of fellow author Edward Eggleston (1837–1902). Sons of Joseph Cary Eggleston and Mary Jane Craig. After the American Civil War he published a serialized account of his time as a Confederate soldier in The Atlantic Monthly. These serialized articles were later collected and expanded upon and published under the title "A Rebel's Recollections."

He also served as an editor of Hearth and Home magazine in the early 1870s.[1]

Principal Works[edit]


  • A Man of Honor 1873 (first serialized in Hearth and Home)
  • The Wreck of the Red Bird [1882]
  • Juggernaut 1891
  • Camp Venture, a story of the Virginia mountains [1901]
  • A Carolina Cavalier, a Romance of the American Revolution [1902]
  • Dorothy South 1902
  • The Master of Warlock; a Virginia War Story [1903]
  • Evelyn Byrd 1904
  • Love is the Sum of It All 1907

Blind Alleys [1906]

  • Irene of the mountains; a romance of old Virginia [1909]

Juvenile Publications

  • Big Brother Series 1875-1882
  • Strange Stories from History 1886


  • How to Educate Yourself: With or Without Masters 1872
  • A Rebel's Recollections 1874
  • How to Make a Living: Suggestions Upon the Art of Making, Saving, and Using Money 1875
  • "Red Eagle and the Wars with the Creek Indians of Alabama” 1878
  • The First of the Hoosiers: Reminiscences of Edward Eggleston 1903
  • Recollections of a Varied Life 1910
  • The History of the Confederate War 1910


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