George Charamba

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George Charamba
Press Secretary President's Office
Assumed office
President Robert Mugabe
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information (Zimbabwe)
Assumed office
Personal details
Born (1963-04-04) 4 April 1963 (age 55)
Southern Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia
Nationality ZimbabweZimbabwean
Political party ZANU-PF
Spouse(s) Rudo Grace Charamba

George Charamba is the Press Secretary in the Office of the President of Zimbabwe and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information of Zimbabwe. His position makes him the official spokesperson for President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Charamba was appointed to Robert Mugabe's government following the elections of 2000. He is among a set of individuals not allowed to travel to the United States because the Department of the Treasury is of the opinion that they are "undermining democratic processes" in Zimbabwe.[1]

Press Secretary[edit]

Following the departure of Jonathan Moyo from the information ministry, Charamba became the de facto government spokesperson and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, usurping the powers of Sikhanyiso Ndlovu. He regularly appears in the government media denouncing the opposition parties, dismissing them as inspired and backed by Western powers.[2] He declared that the "West could go hang a thousand times" in response to Western criticism of Mugabe's re-election.[3]


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