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George Chung
OccupationBusinessman, TV show producer, actor, film director
Known forMartial arts champion

George Chung is an American actor, businessman, film director and TV show producer. He is also a five times world martial arts champion. He was the executive producer for the American reality television series, Call to Cosplay. He is also the executive producer of Bushido Battleground. Chung had the lead role in the 1988 film Hawkeye.


George Chung, a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame was a 5-time world Karate champion. He is CEO and co-founder of Jungo TV.[1][2]

Chung, along with Cynthia Rothrock ran a martial arts academy which was destroyed by fire in the 1980s. A new one was opened in Los Gatos, California, and was in operation in 1986.[3] Both Chung and Rothrock are the co-authors of the book, Advanced Dynamic Kicks.[4] Chung and Rothrock dated and lived together as a couple.[5] By late 1989, their relationship was over.[6]

As a Tae Kwon Do instructor, Chung has trained people such as former San Francisco 49ers football players Bill Romanowski, Charles Haley, Ronnie Lott, and Dwight Clark.[7]


Chung's earliest film was Eyes of the Dragon, a Leo Fong directed film about a martial artist vying for a prized statue. It was also released as Fight to Win and '"Dangerous Passages.[8][9] Chung directed and acted in the 1988 film Jungle Heat, a film about a man whose on is kidnapped. It also featured Leo Fong, Richard Norton, Cynthia Rothrock, and Stan Wertlieb.[10] He played the lead character Alexander “Hawkeye” Hawkamoto in the film Hawkeye which was also released that year. His character teams up with Charles Wilson (played by Chuck Jeffreys), a fellow policeman to track down the killers of his friend.[11][12] Along with Leo Fong, he co-directed the film Blood Street, a direct-to-video action film starring Fong in his reprised role as Joe Wong, a character from Low Blow. The film also starred Stack Pierce, Kim Paige, Chuck Jeffrys and Richard Norton.[13][14][15] He played an Elvis impersonator in the 1992 film Honeymoon in Vegas.[16]


In the late 90s, Chung was producing the children's series Adventures with Kanga Roddy.[17] Chung was the executive producer for the series Call to Cosplay, which debuted on Myx TV.[18]


Title Role Director Year Notes #
Dangerous Passages Ryan Kim Leo Fong 1988
Jungle Heat George Chung 1988
Hawkeye Alexander 'Hawkeye' Hawkamoto Leo Fong
George Chung
Dragon Fight Big Boss's Killer Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang 1989
Honeymoon in Vegas Elvis impersonator Andrew Bergman 1992
KIndergarten Ninja Master Anthony Chan 1994
Assignment Berlin Yung Li Tony Randel 1998
Director, producer, writer
Title Role Year Notes #
Jungle Heat Director 1988
Hawkeye Director, writer 1988
Blood Street Director, writer 1988
Kindergarten Ninja 1994
Stunts and other
Title Role Director Year Notes #
Low Blow Fight choreographer / Stunts Leo Fong 1986
Hawkeye Editor Leo Fong
George Chung
Blood Street Stunt coordinator Leo Fong
George Chung


Title Episode Role Director Year Notes #
S.W.A.T. The Chinese Connection Han Bruce Bilson 1976
Director, producer, writer
Title Role Year Notes #
Adventures with Kanga Roddy Executive producer 39 episodes 1998 - 2000
Call to Cosplay Director 11 episodes
Producer 11 episodes
Writer 4 episodes
2015 to 2016
2015 to 2016
Movies So Good Director 3 episodes
Director 3 episodes
Executive producer 3 episodes


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