George Coulouris (computer scientist)

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George Coulouris
Portrait of George Coulouris (computer scientist).jpg
Born (1937-11-15) 15 November 1937 (age 82)
New York City
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Known forContent Addressable File Store, Em Unix text editor, Distributed Systems textbook
Scientific career
InstitutionsQueen Mary, University of London
University of Cambridge[1]
Imperial College London

George F. Coulouris is a British computer scientist and the son of actor George Coulouris. He is an emeritus professor of Queen Mary, University of London and is currently Visiting Professor in Residence at University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. He is co-author of a textbook on distributed systems. He was instrumental in the development of ICL's Content Addressable File Store[2] (CAFS) and he developed em, the Unix editor, which inspired Bill Joy to write vi.[3][4][5]


In 1960 George Coulouris graduated with an honours degree in Physics from University College London.[citation needed]


Colouris worked at IBM and other companies before joining the London Institute of Computer Science as a Research Assistant and then Imperial College London as a lecturer in 1965.[citation needed]

In 1971 he joined Queen Mary College as a lecturer. He became a reader in 1973 and a professor in 1978.[6] He retired from Queen Mary in 1998, and has been a visiting professor at the University of Cambridge since.[7]


Prof Coulouris's name is of Greek heritage, as he is the son of actor George Coulouris, whose father was a Greek immigrant to Britain married to an English woman. George Coulouris's sister was artist Mary Louise Coulouris.[8]


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