George Cromer

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The Most Reverend

George Cromer
Archbishop of Armagh
Primate of All Ireland
ChurchRoman Catholic
Appointed2 October 1521
In office1521-1543
PredecessorJohn Kite
SuccessorGeorge Dowdall
ConsecrationApril 1522
Personal details
Died16 March 1542

George Cromer (died 16 March 1542) was Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland in the reign of Henry VIII of England, from 1521/2.[1]

He was English by birth, a descendant of the Cromer (also spelt Crowemer) family of Tunstall, Kent and Cromer, Norfolk. Caught up in Henry's Reformation of the Church of England, he was deprived of his See of Armagh.[2] He continued in place as Archbishop of Armagh, despite suspicions from Henry about his true beliefs and despite being suspended by the Pope on a charge of heresy.[3][4]

He was Lord Chancellor of Ireland 1532-4, as a placeman of Garrett, 9th Earl of Kildare, whose family dominated Irish politics from the 1470s until the late 1530s.[5][6]


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