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George Donald Durrant
Born October 20, 1931
American Fork, Utah US
Education Bachelor of Science (Art) (BYU 1956)
Master of Educational Administration (BYU)
Doctor of Educational Administration (BYU)
Alma mater Brigham Young University
Occupation Author, professional speaker, professor
Spouse(s) Marilyn Burnham Durrant (died October 2011)
Susan Easton Black (married in 2013)

George Donald Durrant[1] (born October 20, 1931) is a prominent member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). He has written or co-authored more than 50 books, been a university professor, worked in several positions in the LDS Church Educational System, a motivational speaker, and an LDS Church employee (he served as Director of Priesthood Genealogy, and worked on the Family Home Evening improvement program).[1] He has taught Religion at Brigham Young University (BYU), and his published books include "Love at Home, Starring Father" (1976).[2]

Biography and education[edit]

Durrant was born in American Fork, Utah.[3] He served a mission for the LDS Church in England.[2] He received a bachelor's degree from BYU in 1956,[4] and later also received master's and doctorate degrees from BYU.[5]

Durrant married Marilyn Burnham (1931-2011) in 1956 and they had eight children, including Devin, a former professional basketball player and an LDS Church leader.[3] Marilyn died in October 2011 and Durrant married Susan Easton Black in 2013.

Durrant was named Professor of the Year[6] while teaching Religion at BYU, and in a student poll was voted as one of the 15 most influential people at the university.[4] He also taught at the church's Institute of Religion in Orem, Utah.[5]

Durrant has been a senior consultant at the Covey Leadership Center.[5]

In the LDS Church, Durrant served as president of the Kentucky Tennessee Mission from 1972 to 1975,[7] and later served as president of the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah.[2] He also served a Church Educational System mission to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Durrant and his wife, Susan, have served a mission at the Nauvoo Illinois Temple (2013). As of January 2016, they had served several church service historical missions in St. George, Utah. [8][9][10]


As co-author
Audio book only (not in print)
  • Someone Special Starring Everyone (1980)
  • Pull With The Lord (1982)
  • Be Thou A Masterful Teacher (1982)
  • A Story That Must Be Told[11]
  • Best Meeting of All[11]
  • A Dad, a Boy, and a Ball (1988)
  • A Letter to Lexie about Missionaries (1990)[11]
  • Families - A Long Line of Love (1996)
  • Finding Direction In Your Life[11]
  • Helping[11]
  • I Am Special[11]
  • Have A Righteous Cause[11]
  • Number One Christian[11]
  • Seek Correct Answers[11]
  • Self Respect[11]
  • The Interview[11]
  • With the Tongues of Angels[11]
  • Traveling the Backroad with George Durrant (Latter Day Digest, June 1994, Volume 3 No. 6) (1994)
  • Sunshine for the Latter-Dayi Saint Woman's Soul (contributor) (1999) (ISBN 1-57008-655-9)
  • Another Ray of Sunshine for the Latter-Day Saint Woman's Soul (contributor) (1999)
  • Sharing Christmas: Stories for the Season (contributor)[12]


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