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George Every (3 February 1909 – 2 September 2003)[1] was a British historian, theologian, writer on Christian mythology and poet.


George Every was born, along with a twin brother Edward, on 3 February 1909 in Tipton St John, Devon where his father, also George Every, was the village vicar. George, Edward and their sister Mary (born 1911) spent the majority of their youth with their parents, and extended family in the East Devon area.[2] Every was a member of the Anglican religious community the Society of the Sacred Mission at Kelham, Nottinghamshire from 1929 to 1973. He then became a Roman Catholic and taught at Oscott College. He was known as a historian of Byzantium and was in some ways a follower of Christopher Dawson.

Every encountered T.S. Eliot at Kelham and introduced him to the history of Little Gidding, later to be the title for one of Eliot's Four Quartets through his draft verse play Stalemate at Little Gidding. On the occasion, in 1948, of Eliot's sexagenarianism, Every wrote for a dedicatory compendium a piece on the poet's religious leanings and its broader significance.[3]

Every also corresponded with C. S. Lewis and Yves Congar and wrote on the work of Charles Williams.[citation needed]

George Every never married nor had children and died in Warwickshire on 2 September 2003, aged 92.[citation needed]


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