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George Gabriel
George Gabriel.jpeg
Gabriel performing with Pablo Cruise, 2009
Photo: Floyd J. Jasinski, MYi2U
Background information
Born April 22, 1971
Genres Rock, Pop, jazz
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, film scorer, record producer
Instruments Vocals, bass, guitar, piano, drums, mandolin, vibraphone, cello, violin, xylophone
Labels X-Revolution
Associated acts Pablo Cruise
Website Gabriel Music
Notable instruments
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Vocals

George Gabriel is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and musician who melded his artistic talents over the past two decades composing and scoring music for television and film. His television composing career began in 1996 when he started working with the news music company Gari Communications. After spending the next few years building his musical career on the air, he landed several contracts writing and scoring music that included National Geographic television themes and promos, as well as "The Film Zone" and Pro TV Network ID's. In 1999 he joined with composers Cory Lerios and John D'Andrea to score Baywatch Hawaii (the final 2 seasons of the Baywatch episodic franchise).

Since 1999, Gabriel has scored many shows including Lifetime TV's Intimate Portrait, Universal Studios' The Mummy (the animated series), E!'s Diary of an Affair, and Shopaholic 911, Fox Reality's Rob & Amber - Against The Odds, Discovery Kids/TLC's Toddworld, Court TV's Strange Felony Files, Lean Forward Media's direct DVD release of Choose Your Own Adventure, DirecTV's "Hometown Heroes", Fox Reality's Sex Decoy - Love Stings as well as many other episodic source pieces and promos.

George has also written many themes including Disney's Kim Possible, "Call Me, Beep Me (if you Want to Reach me)". It was the first Disney produced song to reach #1 on Disney Radio staying there for 14 weeks.[1] Other theme songs he has written are National Geographic's, "Surviving Everest", "Extreme Planet", "On The Edge", and "Inside The Pentagon", and Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto", and several other themes.

George has a long list of songs that he has written and co-written for television, including many songs for Kim Possible like "Could It Be" featuring Christy Carlson Romano, "A Special Shining Star" featuring En Vogue's Cindy Herron Braggs,"Once You Get To Know Them" featuring Kel Mitchel, "A Friend Is A Friend" featuring Geoff Byrd, "Watching You" featuring Samantha Lombardi, and "A Colorful World" featuring Smokey Robinson, "Corta El Pelo" featuring Broadway's Jersey Boy Sebastian Arcelus and "Going to the Barbershop" featuring Dora and Boots for Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer. He currently is the musical director who plays guitar, drums & sings as well as the announcer on the game show, Pictureka!.

In 2009 George released his first solo album titled Everyday Miracles available on iTunes and many other digital music delivery sites. Everyday Miracles is about life, love and faith. The inspiration of this album comes from George’s walk in faith and how his trials and celebrations have formed who he is today. George achieves this body of work by utilizing his talents of drums, bass, guitar, piano and vocals. Every aspect of this recording is written, engineered, played and produced by George in his Southern California studio. The song "Here I Am" is featured in the film "Live To Forgive" which George also scored - to be released in 2010.[needs update][2]

In 2010 George appeared on The Hub's show Pictureka! as the one man band "G" and taped 66 episodes. The show can be seen seven days a week on The Hub. George also signed on for Season 7 of Nickelodeon's "Dora the Explorer" and has written many songs for this season. George appeared on The Hub's show Hubworld as "G" from Pictureka! to sing some Christmas songs for their holiday episode.

In 2011 George continued his work with The Hub by scoring the show Scrabble Showdown with host Justin Kredible.

Pablo Cruise[edit]

After a long working relationship with the California rock band Pablo Cruise's founding member Cory Lerios, the possibility of a band reunion with the original members was discussed; with one addition, adding George Gabriel to the band. Gabriel and Lerios began playing with drummer Steve Price in the fall of 2004 and band frontman David Jenkins joined them in early 2005. The lineup worked out flawlessly and they began touring in late spring of 2005, and had begun to work on new material as well as the tunes that won the band their fan base in years past. In Pablo Cruise, George has played along with many other major acts like Little River Band, Starship with Mickey Thomas, The Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers and Journey. In November 2009 George and Pablo Cruise parted company.


Everyday Miracles


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