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George Glueck (born June 28, 1950 in Oradea, Romania) is a music producer and artist manager. He is also a judge in German X Factor in its first season.

George Glueck grew up in New York City. In 1975, he went to Berlin, working with music publisher Peter Meisel, who in 1964, founded the first German independent label.

Glueck worked with Falco, Trio, the Rainbirds, Die Prinzen, Inga and Annette Humpe and Rio Reiser. He also was CEO of the record label X-Cell Records and Sing Sing Records.[1] The label X-Cell Records, founded by Glueck in 1998, is now part of Universal Music Group, after being a BMG joint venture partner earlier in 2007.

Glueck has contracts with the following artists: Sarah Connor, Ich + Ich, Lulu Lewe, Marc Terenzi, Dittsche, H-Blockx, Olli Dittrich and Texas Lightning.

In the 2010, he was assigned as one of three judges for German X Factor broadcast on RTL and VOX alongside Sarah Connor and Till Brönner.